Sunday, December 26, 2010

I got a Cricut Expression!!

My little boy gave me the hat :)
I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  Boy! Was I surprised when after all the gifts were given and opened, my husband said he had one more "Expression" of his love.  He gave me Plum Cricut Expression!!!! He was naughty because he went over our budgeted amount but he was also, oh so....., good.  I have had my baby bug for many years. When the expression came out I didn't think I had any use for it but as I continued to use my baby bug and then started to see the potential if I owned an Expression, I had to have one.  I could have purchased one a couple of months ago but I had a weak moment and bought a puppy. Silly me, what was I thinking (or better yet, not thinking?) Hence, I had no money for an Expression.  What a great guy I have!!! He is so patient and loving. Thank you David!!!

Here is a picture of my puppy. I bought him in October.  Many times during the last few months of puppy training, I have said to myself "I could have had an Expression already if I hadn't bought this puppy!"  Puppy training is not fun.  It's a good thing he is awfully cute.My daughter has become his best friend!  His name is Chico.

I can't wait til the kids go back to school so I can start playing with my new toys!!! I can't get much done when they are home. Can you relate?  Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

TTFN, Scrappymama Elaine


  1. You will love it thanks for sharing!!!

  2. You're velcome, Dahling. :-) With all the WORK you do to make our house a home, you totally deserve a new TOY every now and then. And I always reserve the right to go over budget a little to spoil you.

  3. congrats! that one is a cute one

  4. Congrats on getting your EXPRESSION you will LOVE it!!!!!I'm now a new follower and excited to see what you create with the new expression:) I hope you can stop by my blog as I'm part of a blog hop on Dec 30th and 31st and I will be giving away a Cricut cartridge!! I hope to see you there:) Happy New Year!!!

  5. I didn't particularly enjoy puppy training either, but now she is really maturing! :) YAAYAYYAYA for your new Expression!!! It's so pretty!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment on my ladybug card! I really appreciate it!

  6. Congrats! It is a cute one:)

    I am doing a cricut cart giveaway. Feel free to check out my blog for details.

  7. That is the Expression color I want! I have a Cricut Create, I wish I had a bigger machine! What a cute puppy, congratulations!