Thursday, January 6, 2011

Craft Area Before and After Cleanup/Organization

Happy New Year friends, a few days late.  It has been a little crazy with a little bit of illness.  I started this video on New Year's day but had to stop becasue I caught a slight bug.  I finished a couple of days later.  My craft area was in much need of cleaning after the Christmas crafting chaos (can you relate?) plus, I got a Cricut Expression for Christmas so I had to make some room and decide the best place for it.  I still need to figure out the best way to organize my paper.  Any suggestions?  Its a never ending problem. I'm happy witth the results after the cleaning.  Of course, I started working on a birthday card organizer that I've been wanting to try to make so my desk is a little messy right now, again! lol!  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my space.  Leave me some suggestions and comments. 

TTFN, Scrappymama Elaine

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