Friday, February 18, 2011


Hello my blogging friends! On a previous post, I asked for some help with deciding whether or not I should "wait" or "buy now" the IPAD.  Well.......I gave in and bought it.  Here is a tidbit about me: I can get rather OBSESSIVE about new gadgets! (to put it mildly!)  I was checking EVERYDAY! to see what the latest rumors were about when the IPAD 2 was being announced  and then released.  Some rumors claimed it would be announced February 9th with an April release date. Others said it would be released in March.  I was trying so hard to hold out but February 9th came and went and since then the information got less and less and further away. I finally decided ":I was done!"  I was spending a tremendous amount of energy on this item.  So...on Wednesday, this week, all by myself, without talking to anyone, I went to Apple's site and ordered a refurbished IPAD for $70 less then retail.  Today is Friday, and did I tell you? It's coming TODAY!  I am so excited I don't want to leave the house for fear that I will miss the truck!  I still need help!!!!!! Mental help :)

To read about how I came about the money for this new toy check out: Happy Birthday to ME! Fabulous 50!

Have a GREAT day! I know I will! To top of the day, it's gonna be in the high 50s today.  All the snow has melted and it feels like Spring!  What a great day! 

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you think about my craziness.

TTFN, Scrappymama Elaine (a new IPAD owner)


  1. hello! I have an award or you! stop by my blog to pick it up! Dina

  2. You are just like me, but at a couple of years younger, have been able to contain myself! LOL
    I just attended a family gathering and my nephew had one... I distracted myself with the I will wait till April, my birthday month!!
    But refurbished? $70 less, sounds really good! same waranty, right?