Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME! Fabulous 50!!

I turned 50 yesterday and what a whirlwind of a weekend I have had!  I know this is not about crafting but I must share!!! I have the most wonderful husband and sisters!  My sisters surprised me with a visit from NJ and took me away for a spa day!!!! I've never had a spa day before and boy was I spoiled rotten.  Told my husband he can treat me to one of those any time he wants!!! After the spa, we have lunch and then head home to celebrate with the rest of the family.  So I was convinced that was the end of the festivities.  Great day! 

Me in costume and my wonderful husband
Sunday: we all go to church and lunch afterward.  All is good.  After lunch, we arive home to a huge surprise!  My husband invited ladies from near and far to bless me on my birthday.  These were ladies that have had a part in my life thru the years.  The friends that were from out of state and were not able to make the celebration were encouraged to send a "telegram" (email).  My husband did a "It's a Wonderful Life" theme.  He made me wear angel wings and a halo.  He had signs posted along the wall that said "Everytime a bell rings an angel gets closer to her IPAD." You read correctly IPAD!  (I've been saving my pennies (literally) for an IPAD thinking it would be a while till I can have enough money saved to buy one.)  He had a table setup in the middle of the living room that had a pretty tablecloth on it, a decorated card box, a laundry basket and a bell sitting on top of it.  Well, when I rang the bell,  all my friends came towards the basket and started dumping crumpled dollar bills in to it.  Oh my goodness! I was overwhelmed to say the least!  At the end of the day, we counted the money and I now have enough for an IPAD plus accessories!

My sisters expected me to take my stash and head over to the nearest Best Buy or Target to buy my IPAD but I have decided to wait.  Rumor has it that a new model is coming out soon so I will be waiting for the new model. (I was gonna have to wait anyways. Right?)
Me and my stash!

Me and my sisters
 I am truly a blessed woman!!  I got my Cricut Expression for Christmas and soon I'll get my IPAD.  These things are not the blessings.  The blessings are that I have a loving husband, extended family and wonderful friends!!! Words can not express the joy that was overflowing from my heart. To top it off, I have a great God Who makes all things possible!

Thanks for stopping by and reading about "My Wonderful Life" and Family!
TTFN, Scrappymama Elaine


  1. This is a great story! Thank you for sharing and Happy Birthday-- you are definitely blessed to have such loving family and friends!

  2. Happy Birthday look like a lot of fun tfs.

  3. Wow Happy B-lated birthday girl !
    Thanks for your comment in my blog !
    Have a great Monday ;-)

  4. What an awesome story. I want an IPAD so bad!!!