Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vintage Vibe? Simply Sunday Challenge at Getting Cricky with K Andrew

Happy Sunday to all my wonderful blog followers and guest!!

As part of the Getting Cricky Design Team, I get the privilege to showcase my creations on Getting Cricky with K Andrew's blog along with my own post.  The thought of that brings a smile to my face!!! 

Today's challenge was to create something with a "vintage vibe".  I don't do "vintage".  What does that even mean?  Well, I went to the dictionary. had a lot of definitions to offer mostly related to wine but I found two that helped: 1. of lasting interest and importance; classic 2. old-fashioned; dated

Here is my take on this challenge.  (BTW, this is what I love about Getting Cricky's challenges: it's open to my interpretation.)  Another craft that I love is crocheting.  Crocheting is a craft that has been around since like, FOREVER! Actually, I looked it up and it has been around since the 1800's.  If that's not vintage, I don't know what is!!!  Anyway, My aunt taught me some basic stitches when I was a little girl and it has stayed with me since.  I had this awesome idea to crochet some flowers.  At the time, I didn't know what I was going to do with them but then it hit me - glue them to some flip flops!!!  What a great idea!  So I headed to Joanns and picked up some variegated cotton, flip flops and the cute buttons.  The buttons were actually part of a Kids Camp Flip Flop embellishment package.  The package included the smiley faces, buttons, and some 
rhinestones.  I'll get alot of use from the extras.

I decided to wrap the cotton around the straps but I didn't think it would stay in place so another idea came, see if you can crochet it.  Did some searching and sure enough I found some instructions on how to crochet the straps. Super easy too!

As I was playing around with the size of the flower, I made a couple of different sizes.  I glued them together , added the smiley face and thought, ah, ha! a brooch!  I found a brooch pin, hot glued to the back and stuck it to my floppy hat.  Now I'm all set with my summer wear!!!

Well, I survived the "vintage" challenge.  I truly thank God for the way He enlightens me with what I consider clever ideas.  It blows me away when I can come up with an idea that I didn't see anywhere else.  To God be the glory!

Make sure to stop by Getting Cricky with K Andrew's blog and check out the rest of the design teams' creations!  They are some gifted crafters. Why don't you consider making something with a "vintage vibe" and link it up to her site.  She always has the best giveaways too!. 

Let me know what you think of my fun flip flops and brooch.  Now to decide if I start wearing them now or save them for our trip to Hawaii!!!!  Can't wait!  

TTFN, Scrappymama Elaine


  1. love it! i also love that we may interpret it any way we see fit! I would agree crocheting is vintage!! Very cute!!

    Getting Cricky DTM

  2. I like that your interpretations of vintage is a bit different from what most might think of when you say "vintage". Great idea! Love your flowers! Phenomenal work!

  3. Elaine, they are so darn cool. What a great idea. Sure wish I had a pair of these. Have a great week!
    Hugs :),
    Kathy - Getting Cricky DTM

  4. Now that is thinking outside the box. Awesome idea. I had no idea where this was going when I got your submission, but this is way, way, cool. So, when are you sending me a pair? Hehehe
    Brenda Getting Cricky DTM-Coordinator

  5. Elaine, these are too cute! I bet that the yarn is way more comfortable than those plastic straps on your feet too! I'm so happy we are on the DT together :)
    p.s. Hawaii I am soooo jealous!

  6. Wow, way to think outside the box! But yes 1800, bit Vintage. Lol!!! Those are some cute playful crocheted flowers. I would have never though to play them up like that.
    Jess :)
    GCDT Sis

  7. I love those accessories!! Very fun and funky!! The best thing about crafting is that it is always open to your version of it!! I think you did an incredible job! Way to think outside the box!! Excited to be your DT SIS!!

    Lots of Love,

  8. WOW Elaine
    I think you did an awesome job on the challenge and it is up to your own interpretation.
    Greaat job!
    Rebecca Getting Cricky DTM

  9. This is FABULOUS and I love that you added it to POP too-Im on that DT too! I'm going to miss you at Getting Cricky-you are such an inspiration Elaine! Stay in touch through blogs and FB though, ok?! MWAH! ~BRynn (

  10. Adorable! Great idea! Hugs! Dina